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Comments from Art Trails visitors book - 2021 - 2023.

" Plenty to think about here !  A strong collection of powerful stories of today's problems "

" very impacting & thought provoking  - an incredible volume of work of really valuable work 
  - Do keep going !! " G.

" Keep speaking out/art ? against the lies and propaganda ! " D.
                                                                                                                                                                   " Always a pleasure to see such thoughtful & thought provoking art "

"Thank you for such a thought provoking exhibition & powerful art "

" Makes you think - Good luck " !

" Thought provoking & many pieces ahead of their time! " J W 
" Made me stop and think about what man is doing to the planet and each other " S S

Selection of comments from Art Trail visitors book 2019

" Amazingly versatile collection, wonderful to see. . . . many thanks for sharing " EB 
" Very powerful - welcome contribution to the Arts Trail. So much work . . . ? the enormous challenges of our time " JE

" Provocative . . . in a good way " JT

" Powerful and persuasive  - other perspectives from the normal narrative are revealed " TH

" Thanks hugely for throwing open your home  - fantastic to see people using their creativity, refusing to be silenced " WM
" Fantastic work. I think everyone should be aware ...." AC
"  An amazing amount of work, very moving , significant paintings that should be seen by many more " L,R & R 

" Good to see Art & Politics combined " JU

COMMENTS FROM FIRST WEBSITE (www.antiwarart 2005-2012.


I find your work extremely inspiring” SE.


“I admire your work enormously…thanks for the inspiration & keep up the good work” KE


 “I think your work is really good and clever” BR.


 “I love your art…keep it up” KB.


“Hope you come up with more good work” JP  


“I like your work a great deal” S.


“I think your work is a brilliant way to convey the anti-war message to      people” FS


“I think your work is amazing & really inspirational” CP.


“I find your work very creative & visually stimulating” TB.


“I am very interested & captivated by your work” SM


 “I find your work thought inspiring and would be proud to display them in my home. Keep spreading the word, for it’s people

like you that make people look at their own conscience” PA.


“I am really influenced by your work, as I can understand where you are coming from”….I respect the work you do”.


“Thanks for your great work” MH


“I find your work extremely inspiring for my art exam….your ideas are very original and clear & definitely made me think about what is

going on in the world…” LG


“You are an inspirational artist. Your works really inspire” DD.


“I find your paintings very good and interesting and agree with your anti-war  issues” AH

“Fantastic art with a great message too”

Selection of comments from Art Trail visitors book - 2016 & 2017:-      


“Extraordinary & reflects our real concerns about the world we live in. Great stuff.”


“Inspiring work. Should be seen by a wide audience.”


“Very powerful – well done.”


“Brilliant – will go away thinking hard.”


“Extremely strong and moving work. Great food for thought.”


“Very important work using visual media to great effect”


“Illuminating and interesting.”


“Refreshing and interesting”


“Fascinating & disturbing. A lot to  think about.”


“Great to see somebody that challenges in a way that art can”


“Great work! Keep it up.”


“Well done Chris. Someone has to say it.”


“Amazing powerful work. Well done!”


“Thought provoking, well presented, interesting historical archives. Well worth a visit.”


“Your work is very interesting and I really like the thought and work that goes into it.”

“Powerful images. Wonderful to see an artist putting conviction into their work and doing it well.”

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